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The Icon is a versatile tool that uses laser energy or intense pulsed light that we can use to eliminate imperfections from your skin. The icon is ideal to reduce the appearance of: Sun spots, age spots, blood vessels, including spider veins,  rosacea, wrinkles, stretch marks, surgical scars. We use the Icon to help give you confidence to make you feel your very best.  


We offer the Three for Me treatment that targets sun spots, age spots, wrinkles, and spider veins.  We also offer  laser hair removalskin resurfacing, small leg vein removal, stretch mark removal, and surgical and acne scar treatment.  

Three for Me
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Three for Me Q & A

What is Three for Me?

Three for Me is a procedure that uses our Cynosure® Icon laser to target three issues on the face- wrinkles, sun/age spots, and facial veins.  Icon uses an intense pulsed light (IPL) technology that targets any discoloration such as sun damage, freckles, and age spots.  It will also target small broken blood vessels, rosacea, and spider veins. A fractional laser is the second laser that is used to treat fine lines and wrinkles, as well as boost collagen and improve the overall look of your facial skin by firming it and ridding it of dull skin cells.  

What can I expect during a session?

The session will take place in our office and our staff will make sure that you are well taken care of.  To make you feel absolutely comfortable, we have a gentle numbing cream that we will apply to your face.  We will first use the intense pulsed light technology to go one pass (or round) over your face, targeting the damaged areas.  Then we will use the fractional laser and go one pass to treat your wrinkles and improve your skin's glow.  Our wonderful nurses will follow up with your post-procedure instructions and we will check on you throughout the week to make sure that everything is going well.  

Will I feel any pain?

The procedure has been described to feel like a rubber band bouncing and hitting your face which is why we use numbing lotion.  However, it only touches the surface of your skin and therefore, it is non-invasive. Afterwards, you may feel as though you have a mild sunburn.  

How long will the procedure take?

Because Three for Me is noninvasive, it can take as little as 30 minutes.

How long will recovery be? 

You may expect to experience redness and swelling that is likened to a mild sunburn.  Other than that, you should not expect any other side effects and you can expect to resume your normal activities the same day.  

How many treatments will I need?

We typically recommend 1-3 treatments over one month intervals, but we will evaluate your skin and tell you more during a free consultation.  

How soon will I see results?  

You may see improvements with the small veins and dark spots very quickly.  You will be able to see the results with the fine lines and wrinkles over a period of six months  as your skin continues to respond to the treatment.


How do I book an appointment for Three for Me?

We would like to first schedule a free consultation so that we can evaluate your skin and give you more details.  You can do so by calling our office at

276-325-0121and speaking with our front office staff. Also please check out the Three for Me Gallery so that you can see the results that others have experienced. 


Laser Hair Removal

Icon Laser Hair Removal    Call us today for a free consultation and see our Before & After Gallery.

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Skin Revitalization


Renew. Re-energize. Restore.

We spend a lot of time in the sun and as we do, brown spots and sun damage begin to take over our once youthful looking skin.  With the Icon Laser, we can turn back time on sun damage and restore your beautiful skin back to glowing.  With our innovative intense pulsed light technology, sun damage, uneven skin, and small vessels will gradually disappear.  The system produces glowing results, with low discomfort and takes minimal time.  Schedule your free consultation with us today and check out results in our before and after gallery.  

small leg vein removal
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small leg vein removal

Our Icon® technology can also repair small spider veins on your legs.  By using intense pulsed light, the laser penetrates through the second layer of skin and is absorbed by the blood causing the vein to heat up.  The vessel will contract and eventually fade.  Like all of our treatments, the procedure is short and noninvasive.


Stretch marks occur for a number of reasons and for some individuals they can affect confidence.  Our stretch mark treatment with Icon technology uses fractional laser light to travel deep below the surface of the skin. The energy that is produced causes the marks to slowly disappear as your body begins the healing process to reveal new skin.   Like all of our treatments, they take a minimum amount of time and they are not invasive.  Whether you have stretch marks from weight gain or from other reasons, you can expect to leave your marks behind and improve your confidence. 

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Stretch Marks
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Surgical & Acne Scar Removal


There are a number of reasons that  individuals may have various scars.  Acne scars can plague us as early as our teenage years and other scars can develop as a result of an accident or surgery. No matter the reason for your scar, the important thing is that we can help it fade away.  

Our Icon® Technology at Kumar Quality Medical Care breaks down scar tissue that causes scars and rejuvenates the skin.  Our treatments are short and you can return to your normal activities immediately.  We will evaluate your skin at a free consultation and let you know more about your treatment options.  

Scar Removal
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